What’s Your Story? This is Mine…


Hi! I have been wanting to document this story since Catriona Pollard and I started Social Media Women, so it seemed a great time to share it since we are asking you to share your story, here’s mine…

A couple of years ago, I found myself changing my business, Paper Magnolia, and working on a new business, Magnolia Solutions.  I was a stationery wholesaler who was building her brand and working on customers businesses  as any good wholesaler does.  As much as I loved my products and my customers, I was feeling isolated from the world and  not as fulfilled as I once did, I was not using my brain as much as I would have liked. I was also at the mercy of the fickle retail market. 

As Magnolia Solutions grew, I was recommended to get into Twitter.  My initial thought was, “No Way!!! I have a website, I have just gotten into this Facebook thing, I can’t possible do another thing…”.  But as a marketer you have to keep up with what is going on and the tools at your disposal.

WELL! What I discovered was an amazing resource filled with amazing people (and lots of really not amazing people but I wanted to concentrate on the great things!)  The think that impacted me the most was the true spirit of sharing and collaboration.  The access to people that I would never normally have, and no I don’t mean Ashton Kutcher (for the record I don’t follow him).  Initially I was just observing and learning. 

By being a part of a few online communities who were connecting online but not in real life, I ‘met’ Frances Jones http://twitter.com/FrancieJones).  Frances told me all about Tweet Ups and noticed that I had blogged about Gelatomassi as had Tony Hollingsworth (@hollingsworth).   She kindly ‘introduced’ us and I started to watch Tony’s Tweets.  Tony was tweeting about coffee mornings  – now I love coffee (not so much a lover of mornings but hey!) so I investigated further!

Coffee Mornings are on in Surry Hills and in Mosman Northside Coffee Mornings (#nscm).  As #nscm started later than Coffee Mornings they won it for me!!  So I started watching the tweets and connecting with a couple of people.  I was a little nervous turning up and checking it out but that feeling disappeared in minutes!!  So I started going weekly and being part of a real online discussion and group on Twitter it was so great!!  Instead of just re-tweeting I was contributing.  I was also able to be part of discussions that I would not normally be part of.  I even did a posterous post on my wonderful friends.

One of the people I admired in the group was Catriona Pollard, she was a canny savvy business woman with an appreciation of the important things in life.  After a couple of chats I asked her if she would mind me discussing my new business and how I was setting up the services etc as I was new to all this and she had been doing it for 10 years.  I am not normally so forward (until I know people a LOT better) and glad I was this time!

I quickly discovered that Catriona is EXACTLY the same person online as offline, she is genuine, giving, a true sharer of information and is an amazing collaborator.  My experience is that a lot of people aren’t what they seem, so I was very pleasantly surprised!

After a short time we started meeting up and so began a great friendship.  Catriona had been talking about starting a group for women in social media and then we decided to give it a go!  I would not have gone on this great journey with anyone else, absolutely.  Catriona and I have been having a blast and are thoroughly enjoying all that is coming our way!  I am not sure that we eventually would not have met if it was not for Twitter, but we will never know!!

I have met so many great people who I now consider friends from this group and other communities. 

So thank you Social Media for giving me a wonderful new friend!


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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story? This is Mine…

  1. Catriona May 7, 2010 at 3:57 pm Reply

    How amazing has this ride been! On twitter it is amazing how you attract similar people to you. You are all about sharing your knowledge and having fun along the way. Yipee.

  2. […] Coffee Mornings is a living example of "the true spirit of sharing and collaboration" that can occur when between people.   These words come from Nancy Georges who has seen her […]

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