Getting Social Online

by Johanna Baker-Dowdell

Inspired by Catriona and Nancy’s social media stories, I thought I would share mine too.

I started blogging as a new mum in 2006, writing daily posts of my motherhood journey on the Orble-hosted blog in the short timeframe I had while my newborn son slept. As my confidence in blogging grew I was taken on as an Essential Baby blogger in 2007, which led to a paid gig as a Fairfax parenting blogger in 2008. My parenting blog has now migrated to the Parenting Australia website, where I have been blogging since June 2009.

Blogging was my first experience of social media and it was here I learnt how relationships could be formed online. I built up a regular group of followers on each of my parenting blogs who commented and followed my stories, eager to find out what happened next in my story. This encouraged me to launch my own professional blog as part of the Strawberry Communications website. Here I post news about my clients and the business, as well as the odd titbit from me.

I have also guest-blogged on a number of sites, including ANZ’s recent Febusave initiative, when I was invited to be a blogger. I live-blogged at the Media140 for Foodies event recently, blogging in real time and posting during the event.

Extending to other social media, I discovered Twitter two years ago, initially as a way of communicating with other home-based business people. Sometimes it can be lonely running a business around children and you need some adult interaction. That was how Twitter started for me, but I have since realised the value of cementing online relationships through Twitter in a professional capacity and have found work there too. Last year TweePR  named me in the Top 10 of Australia’s most followed PR professionals.

I used Facebook personally for a long time before launching a business page last year and have noticed the different interactions I have with friends and fans on the two pages. I also use LinkedIn as well, but I’m not as fluent there as I am in other social media. I am still learning too and will be launching a new Tumblr blog soon documenting an exciting new publishing project.

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