Women & Leadership: Ignite Your Strengths, Women, Management & Work Conference :: Day 1

Catriona, her team, Nancy and competition winner Susanna Thiebe are at the Conference for the next 2 days and will be updating blog, Facebook & Twitter so stay tuned!

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Great presentation from Margy Osmond, Chief Exec of Austraian National Retailers Association – check out Facebook for feeds: Social Media Women Facebook

Anna Booth shares the 5 leadership characteristics innately possessed by women:

1. Being able to understand the breadth of the business and see the whole picture
2. We have to be in the future
3. Learning
4. Empathy
5. Taking action

Robyn Merchant, Senior Exec at Oracle Corporation gave us insight into the characteristics if a leader in her business. OWL – Oracle Women’s Network, is driven by Women Who Lead From Beyond. Their motto is: Connect + Include + Inspire, cool hey???

She also told us that we are in a VUCA world:

V : volatile
U : uncertain
C : complex
A : ambiguous

That being the case, we need to act accordingly.

Cindy Reid, Client Partner, Korn/Ferry International shares insight in her presentation, Managing Your Own Career:

Why women aren’t making it ti the top #WMWC:
1. They don’t have the same experience as male counterparts
2. Cultural fit
3. Low visibility – ‘getting the job done’ vs building visible profile

What they are seeing:

From clients
1. Seeking intelligence on female exec talent
2. Demanding women on shortlists

From female execs:
1. Interest in gender initiatives both at executive and board level
2. Lack of proactive career planning
3. Naivety in dealing with search firms
4. Lack if confidence and self promotion at interviews

Andrea Culligan, MD / CEO Unimail, so generously shared with us her journey – amazingly inspirational!!

Here are Andrea’s keys for the success in Leadership:

1. Status means nothing
2. Self awareness sexy
3. Set high expectations
4. Educate yourself and self evaluate
5. Challenge creates everything, don’t forget to test
6. Sometimes being a leader is not the top job; being the first to follow someone on a big journey could be the best way to enable the dream best

I totally agree with this statement from Andrea: “don’t leave until you leave”. The eg is of a woman announcing her pregnancy, and stops innovating & developing herself – utilize every minute.

There was a great discussion from the chair, Claire Braund who said that in Australia we are risk averse. In America they come from a place of ‘you haven’t succeeded until you have failed’.

We can all take something from this statement – successful people know this and are not wounded by this, they learn from it and move on!!


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