Women & Leadership: Ignite Your Strengths, Women, Management & Work Conference :: Day 2

Day 2 @ Women At Work Conference!

Dr Suzy Green is talking to us about positive psychology. It’s a strengths-based psychology, the scientific study of optimal functioning. It will give us a vocabulary to talk about strengths! Have you heard about it?


Signature Strengths are your top 5 strengths.
Most women say it is theirs are modesty and humility – which are some of the characteristics that hold women back! Interesting isn’t it?

It is important to leverage your strengths – sounds simple but studies show that most people don’t actually know what their strengths are and are therefore not leveraging them. Pay attention to what you are doing well and less on what you don’t do well.

Lion Nathan are a walking talking example of applied positive psychology in action. Although this is a new ‘science’ in Australia, it is intrinsic in their culture.

Links to help you find your strengths http://www.viacharacter.org and http://www.authentichappiness.org

Alicia Purtell is from Lion Nathan and shares an insight into their Leadership Program – which develops the whole person and does not just include business.

Success comes from Positive Relationships. #WMWC How to measure it? Engagement = Positive Relationships. I am really impressed by Lion Nathan as an organization – they have great tools and true understanding of their customer.

Organizational culture is really important at LN. One of their measurements for staff performance is Behavior x Results: they must the results but not the behaviours then they don’t achieve their overall objectives. This totally makes sense doesn’t it? How many companies do the same?

So excited, Winthroop Professor Fiona Wood is about to speak to us, more on her talk here. https://socialmediawomen.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/542/

Helen Conway, 5 lessons:

1. Understand deeply who you are and what is important to you
2. Be Resilient and hold the course
3. To invite feedback and challenge from people around you. Feedback must be meaningful and you need to be challenged
4. Broaden your perspective
5. Need to seize opportunities when they present themselves

Isn’t this interesting, if a job requires 10 characteristics, men will put their hand up if they have 3 – 5 and women with 8 are hesitant!!



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