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Women’s Leadership Awards 2016

via Women’s Leadership Awards 2016

Nominations are open for the 4th Annual Women’s Leadership Awards 2016.

Celebrating women who’re disrupting the status quo through inspiring leadership.
This year, our focus is on emerging leadership talent. We’re looking for the household names of tomorrow, women who’re leading teams and ideas that are set to change the world and deserve national recognition. We’ve introduced a number of new categories to help uncover this talent, including awards for emerging leaders in the legal and technology sectors. ENTRIES CLOSE 6PM on the 24th August.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.06.53 PM


Our awards celebrate leadership provided over the 2015/16 Financial Year, from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Please ensure your application is specific to this time period and offers clear and specific examples of what your leadership has achieved.

Emerging leaders are rethinking existing paradigms regarding how we live and work. They’re determined to reshape their industry and create a smarter and more inclusive future. Their leadership is disruptive, inclusive and inspires growth.

Please note, nominations for the ‘Agenda Setter’ award do not need to meet our ‘Emerging’ criteria. This award is open to emerging and established female leaders.


  • Meet the set industry requirements of the specific award entered
  • Be able to demonstrate significant change and growth over the 2015/16 Financial Year
  • Meet the definition of ‘Emerging’ (aside from those nominating for the Agenda Setter of the Year Award) See definition above.
  • Be an Australian resident
  • Not be employed by Women’s Agenda or Power Ink Media




Social Media Women April: Measuring the value of social media with Tracey Brown

With growing numbers of Australian businesses using social media, the need to measure the effectiveness of social media activity is becoming increasingly important.

Surprisingly, many businesses do not measure the effectiveness of their social media activity, or they’re unsure what to measure or where to start.

Tracey will discuss the importance of measuring social media activity by looking into how success can be defined and measured using simple tools.

She will explain how to get the most out of your social media measurement tools, how to measure the success of a social media campaign and what the future holds for social media measurement. 

About Tracey:
Tracey Brown has worked in online for over 15 years, from Westpac eBusiness, to co-founding Tipping Point in Sydney, before moving to London as Head of Digital for Schroders. She also held a global online CRM role for Vodafone Group.

Now back in Sydney, Tracey co-founded eMarketingConnected in December 2010.

Her breadth of experience ranges from online strategy, strategic email marketing, social media strategy, benchmarking and optimisation strategies, to user experience definition and content strategy.

Tracey has delivered workshops and training programmes in USA, Asia, Sth Africa, UK & Europe. She also conducts events and workshops for clients and members. 

Tracey’s company eMarketingConnected has recently produced a comprehensive report on the social media activities of Australia’s 500 largest organisations, ‘How the Largest Australian brands use Social Media’. The company has also produced other reports such as ‘Why The Largest Australian Retailers Are Losing The Online Battle’ and ‘How Are Australian Brands Using Facebook’. 

Twitter: @traceybrown74 

Please note: This month’s Social Media Women is being held on the FIRST Tuesday of the month as the second Tuesday falls too close to Easter.  

A not to be missed event – learn about the importance of measuring your social media activity by using simply tools. 

LUCKY DOOR PRIZE – You could win a corporate headshot session from Polly Street valued at $385! This includes: 30 to 45 Minutes on location photo session, an online preview gallery to select your favourite shots, 3 Edited and retouched high res image files.

Register now for our April event at  

Date:      Tuesday 3 April 2012 (First week in April)
Time:      6:00pm – 8:30pm
Venue:   The Supper Club at the Oxford Hotel,
             134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst.
(Enter the Oxford St side of the hotel and walk up the stairs. Metered parking is a few steps away on Bourke St, $1.10 per hour)

Meet amazing women as well as discussing the ever changing world of social media.

Social Media Women September 11

SMW support GirlsFund – Donate to help end extreme poverty

Social Media Women are proud to support Plan’s GirlsFund. The GirlsFund projects fight gender inequality, to champion girl’s rights, amongst other things. Girls are key to ending the cycle of extreme poverty. With your support we can help girls overcome the obstacles preventing them from reaching their full potential. Our very own co-founder Catriona Pollard, and member Rebecca Varidel are featured in a television commercial for GirlsFund starting this Sunday night. Please consider donating to GirlsFund.

How you can Support the Because I am a Girl campaign:

  • Join the Facebook Community – Help build a community united to fight for girls’ rights and help them break the poverty cycle. Join Plan’s Because I am a Girl Facebook page to keep learning and get involved or post a link to the website or campaign videos on your wall.
  • Talk it up on Twitter – Stay up-to-date and share the latest information, stories and activities with your networks by following Plan’s Because I am a Girl on Twitter.
  • Buy a campaign T-Shirt – Look good and feel great while telling the world that we need to invest in girls in a Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton campaign tee.
  • Share Videos – Email the campaign videos to your friends or post them to your blog or Facebook. You can also check out the latest campaign videos and learn more about the lives of girls and young women in developing countries at Plan Australia’s Channel on YouTube.
  • Sponsor a Child with Plan – When you sponsor a child with Plan your money funds projects chosen by the child’s community that benefit everyone. Girls and boys are sponsored equally in each community, but all Plan programming aims to take into consideration the unique obstacles faced by girls.
  • Donate to Plan’s GirlsFund – Plan International Australia has established a GirlsFund to support efforts to identify and respond to the barriers girls face. Your donation to GirlsFund will go towards initiatives like this within priority projects that address unique obstacles faced by girls. This will help give girls every opportunity to thrive and break the poverty cycle.
  • Join Children First! – When you donate regularly through Children First, your money funds Plan Australia’s priority projects that address the specific development needs of communities.

My Story

by Rhadhika Ram Tevita

My journey in social media is either illuminating because it affirms my geek girl status emerged fairly early or is entirely innocuous because my audience is of like mind! I am suspecting the latter here!

Social Media as we know it today is the evolution of a number of different channels over quite a length of time.  My first hotmail account was set up around 1996. This opened up a world beyond chatrooms and gave ‘relationships’ somewhere to go.  This was also around the time I became fairly active in the elderly aunt of chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat (IRC).  I mention IRC because I am noting some similarities with Twitter now and hope that some of the joy I had in IRC is replicated e.g. a friend from New Jersey and I are still in contact today.  As fickle as online relationships can be, I have found there is a natural human desire to believe in the people that cross your path. 

My first role out of university was in a software development group in a government agency in New Zealand. ‘Geekdom’ was easy to manage in those days but online engagement changed again when I started legal studies, followed by legal roles. Blogging finally came not long after I registered my first ever domain in 2005.  It was late by most standards and entirely as a result of a friend from high school returning from the UK presenting me with options of a domain registry that I could afford.  It was a stop/start affair as I was more motivated by finding ways to stay connected with loved ones (Mark Zuckerberg was still experimenting on Harvard students with Facebook and it was really only taking off in that part of the world).  Soon accounts on Bebo, MySpace, Imeem, and Facebook followed.

The online  footprint was ever expanding and in 2006 leading up to my wedding I was building web pages (with the most embarrassing rusty HTML coding skills known to mankind) to keep guests posted on plans, accommodation & post photos etc.  I was linking music playlists, photo galleries and message boards.  What Facebook and many other platforms are today would have saved me an awful lot of time back then! Setting things up took forever.  When I look back and read the old posts they still make me laugh so I guess it couldn’t have been too horrendous!

Social media has opened up a world where I can share my passion for music, food, culture, gadgetry, and people with likeminded individuals.  The world has truly opened up for me as an incredible opportunity to meet electric personalities and as a recent resident to Sydney a wonderful way to experience the city and make new friends.  As is with anything you take the good with the bad – there will always be sharks that swim in the same waters but on the whole my experiences have been positive and particularly rewarding.  So long as you exercise the usual caution you would with any relationship when it comes to safety, finances and family, you can navigate these murky waters fairly unscathed. 

Professionally social media has given me back the confidence to undertake a few new challenges that are aligned with my passions.  Although I’m entrenched in the corporate world I have found the association with small business owners in this sphere enlightening and motivating.  To start my day with some great blog posts, humorous tweets and insightful writing puts me in the right frame to be a superwoman in my day job (have a think about that if you’re a sceptical employer). 

Social Media Women was a logical next step for me and representing the female voice in the social media space is an ethos I support.

Rādhikā  Ram Tevita is a solicitor and marketing management specialist originally from New Zealand

Getting Social Online

by Johanna Baker-Dowdell

Inspired by Catriona and Nancy’s social media stories, I thought I would share mine too.

I started blogging as a new mum in 2006, writing daily posts of my motherhood journey on the Orble-hosted blog in the short timeframe I had while my newborn son slept. As my confidence in blogging grew I was taken on as an Essential Baby blogger in 2007, which led to a paid gig as a Fairfax parenting blogger in 2008. My parenting blog has now migrated to the Parenting Australia website, where I have been blogging since June 2009.

Blogging was my first experience of social media and it was here I learnt how relationships could be formed online. I built up a regular group of followers on each of my parenting blogs who commented and followed my stories, eager to find out what happened next in my story. This encouraged me to launch my own professional blog as part of the Strawberry Communications website. Here I post news about my clients and the business, as well as the odd titbit from me.

I have also guest-blogged on a number of sites, including ANZ’s recent Febusave initiative, when I was invited to be a blogger. I live-blogged at the Media140 for Foodies event recently, blogging in real time and posting during the event.

Extending to other social media, I discovered Twitter two years ago, initially as a way of communicating with other home-based business people. Sometimes it can be lonely running a business around children and you need some adult interaction. That was how Twitter started for me, but I have since realised the value of cementing online relationships through Twitter in a professional capacity and have found work there too. Last year TweePR  named me in the Top 10 of Australia’s most followed PR professionals.

I used Facebook personally for a long time before launching a business page last year and have noticed the different interactions I have with friends and fans on the two pages. I also use LinkedIn as well, but I’m not as fluent there as I am in other social media. I am still learning too and will be launching a new Tumblr blog soon documenting an exciting new publishing project.

I look forward to connecting with you:
Follow me on Twitter:
Join our Facebook page:
Connect at LinkedIn:
Johanna Baker-Dowdell

This is my story. Well…only the social media chapter.

by Catriona Pollard

Way back in 2006 – which is a long time in social media – my friend Carol Skyring showed me how to set up my very first blog. I vividly remember writing articles so I would have them ready to upload as soon as I set up my blog.

And that was the first lesson in social media. Blogs aren’t like websites. You upload articles over a period of time – not all at once. It’s just like telling a story: you get to know the characters over time, not on the first page.

The reason I set up my blog was to understand how this new communication method worked. If you are in social media you know that you need to do it to get it. If you’re not in it, you don’t get it! As a communication professional I felt it was important for me to see how I could use it to share my client’s messages and stories.

I have been doing PR for nearly 20 years (yes I know I don’t look that old ) so what better way for me to share my experience and knowledge than through blogging.  So I used myself as a guinea pig, and started blogging.

My first blog was I moved to a self hosted blog in October 2008. I can tell you, if someone said to me that I would love blogging so much I would pay every month to host my own blog I would have laughed at them. Now I have seven blogs! And the Public Relations Sydney blog was shortlisted as Mumbrella’s Media & Marketing blog of the year in 2009.

A few years ago I had heard about Twitter and thought “Why would someone want to know what I had for lunch?” I resisted, then someone tried to explain it, and I thought “OK I need to do it to get it”.

Well – how amazing is Twitter. I started networking and going to tweetups. I was the only PR person in the room and realised I was an “early adopter”. How funny! I was never into technology and thought it was such a geeky thing to do. Now I have accepted my inner geek. In fact, I have embraced it! Don’t let my exterior PR chick persona fool you!

Professionally I was listed as one of the top 100 PR people internationally to follow on Twitter. Personally I met the most incredible, interesting, inspiring and friendly people. I really believe that Twitter creates this energy where you attract similar people to yourself.

It is a powerful medium, but it becomes extraordinarily powerful when you meet the people you have been tweeting with. I think because you have a shared history and an established connection. So when you meet all the formalities are out of the way and real enduring friendships start immediately.

Northside Coffee Mornings really cemented many professional and personal relationships. One of those relationships was with the lovely Nancy Georges. Hanging out with Nancy is like being plugged in to an electricity socket – so much live energy. An idea about creating a group for women to collaborate and share social media experiences was turned into a reality with the help of the Bella Nancy. It could not have been done without her.

So we now we have Social Media Women where we can tell our stories and create new ones.

What’s Your Story?


One of the themes from ConnectNow was how brands need to engage in storytelling (more info

Some of the themes that emerged from the ConnectNow conference include:

• Social media starts with listening and researching. Just showing up on the networks isn’t enough. Brands need to connect and engage with people as individuals.

• Social media is not brands or companies world – its for individuals. “You’re invited, buts it’s our world”. “If you want us to talk to you, tell us something. Make it something interesting”

• Social Media has nothing to do with technology. Its about sociology & psychology. Its making us human again by building villages, connections and opening sharing information and knowledge.

• We are now built on a word-of-mouth society. • Content is king! Offer useful information that will help people. Online publishers don’t produce the most content online – individuals do, so its a democratisation of information. • Story telling isn’t just for kids – we are all story tellers online.

• Love your community – give back.

We invite you to share your story, a story, anything!!  Here or Facebook  or LinkedIn

Open forum questions for May

What would you like to talk about at Social Media Women May meeting?

Let us know by putting a comment on this blog or emailing us at

Social Media Women – connecting & collaborating

Social Media Women, a new group launched on International Women’s Day, is using the power of social media to connect women and give them a voice within this space.

Co founder, Catriona Pollard Director of CP Communications, said Social Media Women has been established to encourage and assist women to participate more prominently in social media.

“We are seeing more and more women online and the obvious next step is to create a group that recognises the important role women play in social media and actively build the community,” said Catriona.

Stats show that there are equal numbers of men and women use sites like LinkedIn and YouTube and when it comes to sites like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace, and Bebo women outnumber men.

However research from Harvard Business Review showed that even though there are more women on Twitter, they get less love.  Men and women follow a similar number of Twitter users, men have 15% more followers. Further, men are almost twice more likely to follow another man than a woman.

“So what can be done about this? We can start by seeking out, following more women on Twitter and other social networks and supporting each other in all that we do,” said Catriona

“Social media is a powerful tool, both personally and professionally. It becomes extraordinarily powerful when online connections become real friendships and business connections.”

“Women want inspiration and collaboration, support and confidence. They certainly don’t want self proclaimed social media gurus pushing them to the sidelines.”

“With Social Media Women we have created a safe place for women to gain experience and confidence to ask questions, learn and challenge themselves to grow, evolve and aspire.”

“Our first meeting saw over 40 women attend on only a weeks notice, with over 70 actually registering with the group. We had women attend who had no social networking experience, and some who run their own social media companies,” Catriona explained.

“The buzz around the launch of this group has been amazing. Obviously women understand the power of social networking and want a place to be able to express it.”

“When we opened floor to share experiences, the stories were inspirational – both professionally and personally. One woman shared an incredibly inspirational story about how Twitter literally saved her life by allowing her to connect with people who she found better understood her.”

“Unfortunately there may be some resistance within pockets of the industry to Social Media Women, but it’s so much more beneficial for everyone if the whole community gets involved and supports this group,” said Catriona.

Co founder, Nancy Georges, director of Magnolia Solutions said “As early adopters of Social Media we are in a great position to share information and experiences with each other so that we can grow our knowledge and learn the tricks of Social Media in our businesses and our personal lives.”

“We know there are so many amazing women out there who just need a platform for their voice to be heard and a community to support them. In our wildest dreams we did not think it would spread so quickly. My heart was beating loudly and happily and filled with joy during and since our first gathering!  What a great adventure we will be on together,” said Nancy.

The founding members of Social Media Women met through social media and have now forged strong professional ties and friendships. They are Catriona Pollard (CP Communications) and Nancy Georges (Magnolia Solutions).

The group physically meets on the second Tuesday of the month. During the rest of the month the women continue to connect with each other on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and the Social Media Women website.

Social Media Women welcomes all women whether working on their own or in an existing company, business, organisation or still studying. It’s for women that are interested in media, networking, communications and exploring the new ways people are communicating.

Connect with Social Media Women:


Linkedin Groups:         Social Media Women

Facebook:                   Social Media Women

Twitter:                       @SocialMediaWomn



Phone:                        (02) 9922 1063 (CP Communications)

The next meeting will be Tuesday 13 April. To register: