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What’s Your Story?


One of the themes from ConnectNow was how brands need to engage in storytelling (more info http://publicrelationssydney.com.au/?p=714)

Some of the themes that emerged from the ConnectNow conference include:

• Social media starts with listening and researching. Just showing up on the networks isn’t enough. Brands need to connect and engage with people as individuals.

• Social media is not brands or companies world – its for individuals. “You’re invited, buts it’s our world”. “If you want us to talk to you, tell us something. Make it something interesting”

• Social Media has nothing to do with technology. Its about sociology & psychology. Its making us human again by building villages, connections and opening sharing information and knowledge.

• We are now built on a word-of-mouth society. • Content is king! Offer useful information that will help people. Online publishers don’t produce the most content online – individuals do, so its a democratisation of information. • Story telling isn’t just for kids – we are all story tellers online.

• Love your community – give back.

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