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You’re Invited to Real Chat Hangout #2 “CROWD FUNDING”: 31 May 2013

Real Chat; real people, real examples, real info!

I often get asked questions about business and social media & I know interesting talented people – so I thought I would combine them!

Using the great technology of the Google Hangout, we will be chatting every 2 weeks (more or less depending on schedules!) about different topics and findings. My partner in info this week is the gorgeous Johanna Baker-Dowdell, head of Strawberry Communications & author of Business & Baby On Board.

If you would like to join us today, Friday, you can:

  1. log into Hangout and Search ‘Real Chat’
  2. email me your email address and we will send an invitation, click here to email

These will be fortnightly chats. Same bat time: Fridays @ 11am -> Same bat channel: Google+ Hangout!


Checkout the 1st Real Chat Google Hangout! @JohannaBD from Strawberry Communications: Writing & PR & I chatted about social media on Friday.