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Social Media Women is a formal networking group that encourages and assists women to participate more prominently in social media. It was launched on International Women’s Day 2010.

Having recognised the important role women play in social media, the group will give women a voice in all areas of social media.  It’s a place to connect and share to support each other and build a community.


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It was co-founded by Nancy Georges (Magnolia Solutions) and Catriona Pollard (CP Communications).  In March 2012, Catriona Pollard left the group, we wish her well and thank you for her contribution.

Like any successful community, Social Media Women has evolved.  We welcome men and women to attend every meeting and support the women speaking.  The group is more dynamic and has become an important gathering for women who are new to online or experienced and sharing with the community.

Co-founder of Social Media Women, Catriona Pollard says, “Social media comes naturally to women. We are networkers, nurturers, gatherers, builders of villages and communicators.”

“Women want inspiration and collaboration, support and confidence. They don’t want self proclaimed social media guru’s pushing them to the sidelines.”

“With Social Media Women we have created a safe place for women to gain experience and confidence to ask questions, learn and challenge themselves to grow, evolve and aspire.”

“It’s a strategic group. It’s more than just talking about social media tools. It’s about taking a step back and seeing the big picture. It’s about collaboration and nurturing of ideas and creating change from them,” said Ms Pollard.

Social Media Women is both online and in person, with meetings taking place on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm.

Social Media Women welcomes all women whether working on their own or in an existing company, business, organisation or still studying. It’s for women that are interested in media, networking, communications and exploring the new ways people are communicating.

At the meeting along with social media discussions, public speaking and networking opportunities, an open forum will also be held to toss around ideas for speaking topics as conferences arise.  This will lend to the group’s lobbying efforts to secure more female speakers at social media conferences.

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