Past Events :: 2014

September 2014:

Using PR for Your Business or Your Brand: Why Advertise When You Can Publicise?

Jules Brooke, Handle Communication

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Join Us at Clarence Professional Services for Complimentary Drinks!

Why Advertise When You Can Publicise?

Jules Brooke, founder of Handle Your Own PR,,  firmly believes that PR gives you more ‘bang for your buck’ than advertising. She knows what she is talking about as she also runs a PR agency called Handle Communications. In this talk she will tell you how PR works when you have exclusive products, what you need to get together, how to write a media release – and she will give you some ideas for your own, when and how to follow up with the media and more.

This talk is perfect for anyone who has a business or personal brand, with unique or exclusive products  and services, they would like to get free publicity for.

Jules will also be giving away a voucher for $100 off any of the media contact lists on the site to everyone who attends.

About Jules is a DIY PR website where you can buy up to date media contact lists, DIY PR packages, coaching and media release writing. In fact, everything you need to run your own PR campaign.

The site also has a huge amount of information, tips and examples about what you need to get together first, how to approach the media and when, and how to follow up with journalists that haven’t responded. Jules Brooke is the owner and her PR agency, Handle Communications, has specialised in the parenting and lifestyle sector for many years now so she understands how to get coverage in the lifestyle media.

The Handle your Own PR media lists aren’t limited to the lifestyle media though – she has over 80 different lists covering everything from beauty to fashion, news to cars, parenting and home media and everything in between.

Jules is passionate about teaching businesses like yours how to get publicity for a fraction of the cost of advertising.

Connect with Jules:

Facebook:     Handle Communications

Linkedin:      Jules Brooke

 Website:        Handle Communication


May 2014:


Jane Huxley, Managing Director of Pandora Australia, is a C-Level executive with a blue chip career experience in technology, telco and media industries.

Jane has had over 20 years of extensive experience in the technology and media industries.  Specialising in areas such as strategic planning, consumer marketing, marketing strategy, building products and identifying/transitioning to digital based business models, Jane is at the forefront of the digital media and strategy arena.Beginning her career at Microsoft, Jane then ventured to become Head of Product at Vodafone. She next moved on to Fairfax Media to become General Manager Media of the Digital Division and CEO and Publisher of the Digital Division. Her innovative thinking and specialised skills have most recently led Jane to her role as Managing Director of Internet radio company Pandora.

Pandora has been active in the United States for almost 13 years. It allows users to personalise up to 100 unique “stations” based on their own music preferences. Jane’s focus is on the new strategy and direction of the company in Australia and New Zealand, creating a version of the brand to specifically target audiences on this side of the world.

She shares her journey and her learnings of her experiences as a woman in a man’s world with us in May.
Connect with Jane:
Twitter:   @JaneHux
Pandora Facebook:


8 April 2014

Success in Cut Throat Beauty Industry
with founder Maria Vlezko

Born and raised in Europe, founder and editor, Maria Vlezko has had a diverse career from fashion to finance. She arrived to Australia in 2006 to continue her financial education and career in corporate finance. As a hobby, she began blogging about the reinvention of her personal style on which quickly became one of the most popular Australian fashion blogs. She suddenly found herself in the front row of fashion parades and featured in online and print publications and so took up blogging full time.

When nail art series on became one of the most read and commented on parts of the blog, Maria decided to take it to the next level and in November 2012, founded The new site has became an excellent outlet for her passion for art and beauty. It has quickly grown and became one of the popular online beauty resources worldwide – over 70,000 people visit SoNailicious every month. Maria has also published two books and was featured in a number of online and traditional print media.

In conjunction with running, Maria can be found traveling the world with her family, sun bathing on Sydney’s Northern beaches or writing her new book.”

Connect with Maria here:

Her personal Twitter & Instagram


March 2014:

“Real Food Low Tox Living Community Story” with Alexx Stuart

How do you become a changemaker & create a community around new thinking?

Alexx Stuart will share her story about creating & growing the Real Food Low Tox living community;
why it started, how it grew and the role she’s decided to take as a concerned citizen, putting her teaching and empowering skills to use most where they are needed today, amidst more confusion than ever before over what’s healthy and what’s not.

ABOUT Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart is an author, speaker and motivator of people wanting to feel their most awesome.

A passionate curioso after many ills, from chronic infections to PCOS and a thyroid problem after pregnancy, she healed herself taking the natural path. With a strong sense of justice and a quest for the truth, she has built a community of concerned and curious people wanting to make better choices, minus the stress, judgement and feeling of pressure to be perfect.

She focuses on uncovering all that is preventable and all that is powerful, in building strong, healthy and happy mind and body. Her first book, Real Treats, was an Amazon Best Seller in just 12 hours, a book that helps people sever their ties with processed junk, break the guilt cycle and learn how easy and nourishing making your own treats can be.

Alexx says “The Conversation is no longer about skinniness, it’s about wellness. That’s a much more exciting conversation to have”.


Facebook:   Alexx Stuart

Twitter:        @Alexx_Stuart


February 2014:

Geolocational Social Media for Business
with Posse creator Rebekah Campbell


Posse is the world’s first social search engine.

Posse helps you find all the best places in the world according to people whose tastes you can trust – your friends. The next time you’re in a new city or are even just hanging out in your own neighborhood, you’ll know exactly where to go for the best of everything!

You can find the favorite places of celebrities, chefs, designers, musicians and politicians. Search for who you want to follow, look around their town, then go ‘bump’ into them at brunch.

So how should businesses use these tools and technologies?

How do we connect wtih our customers, promote our businesses & utlimately increase our sales?

Geolocational technology has changed search for ever and consumers are using them as part of their every day digital activity.

Rebekah will share her insight and advice as to what this technology is and how to navigate it to prosperity and connection with your customers.

Who should attend?

  • PRs
  • Venues
  • Event Organisers
  • Retailers
  • Business Owners
  • Marketers
  • Anyone curious about cool new technology!




rebekah_CampbellRebekah founded top music management company, Scorpio, in 2002, and developed the careers of 11 of Australia’s biggest stars. In 2010, Rebekah switched careers and started Posse.

“In 2008, while promoting a tour for Evermore, I hit a problem when ticket sales to the band’s Perth show flagged. Disillusioned with the impact of traditional advertising channels on sales, and searching for alternative avenues of promotion I decided to ask the band’s Perth fans if they’d become promoters of the Evermore show at school or university, offering to pay commissions for tickets sold.

It worked. Evermore fans started putting up posters in school common rooms and university foyers and selling tickets to their friends. The result? A sold out show and a lot of empowered young fans who now felt they were part of the music business.

And the idea arose – could there be an internet version of this, selling tickets on a secure website?

From this initial thought, was born.”

Rebekah is obsessed with American politics and if you don’t have three hours to spare, don’t bring up West Wing.

Connect with Rebekah:

Twitter:        @RebekahPosse


Facebook:   Posse


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